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Knowing me knowing you

(9789067345118 - 9067345113)

identity and intercultural dialogue

Betrokkenen: Auteur: Abram I.B.H.
Auteur: Wesly J.
Categorie: Non-fictie informatief/professioneel
Subcategorie: Mens en maatschappij algemeen
Rubriek: Multiculturalisme
Nurcode: 763
ISBN: 9789067345118
ISBN-10: 9067345113
Bindwijze: Paperback / softback
Verschijningsjaar: 2006
Druk: 1
Geillustreerd: Ja
Publicatiestatus: Niet meer verkrijgbaar
Aantal pagina's: 79
9789067345118 - Abram I.B.H. - Knowing me knowing you -

Beschrijving Knowing me knowing you:

Het boek met de titel 'Knowing me knowing you' heeft subtitel 'identity and intercultural dialogue' is geschreven door Abram I.B.H. en geschreven door Wesly J.. Knowing me knowing you is in 2006 uitgegeven als Paperback / softback. Deze uitgave is druk 1. Dit boek is niet meer verkrijgbaar, bevat illustraties en heeft 79 pagina's. De nummers behorend bij dit boek zijn 9789067345118 (ISBN13) en 9067345113 (ISBN-10).

Tekst op achterkant boek

Knowing Me, Knowing You presents a practical method for intercultural learning that may be applied in all conceivable settings. At schools, both students and prospective and current teachers may benefit. The method is also useful in all interactions with young adults, as well as in all kinds of other encounters revolving around culture and identity. Other examples include a dialogue with Caribbean seniors about the history of slavery and with asylum seekers about their insecure existence. Or a meeting with museum staff to design a multi-coloured exhibit. Or a workshop with an organization aiming to revise its identity in this multicultural society. The method in this book is based on the Arena model developed by Professor Ido Abram in association with Jenny Wesly, artist and trainer. In the ‘arena’ of life and learning – which can be either a battleground or a stage – two images converge: how you perceive yourself (identity), and how others perceive you (imago). These images are not always accurate and are in any case never completely identical. The difference between identity and imago often leads to tension and conflict but can also be the exciting start of a dialogue. And dialogue is what we want. Being receptive to one another’s culture and sphere of perception narrows the gap between identity and imago: you get to know each other (and yourself) better. The Arena method has proven highly suitable for intercultural learning in educational programmes and workshops. Young and old, students and teachers, parents and children, professionals and volunteers, residents of majority groups and minority extraction: everybody can use the ID circle. In small groups, as a club or as an organization. In each case: participants visualize their identity, learn about each other’s sphere of perception and have the opportunity to adjust each other’s impressions. This dialogue can also enlighten views or herald an entirely new course.

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Titel: Knowing me knowing you
ISBN: 9789067345118
ISBN-10: 9067345113
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